IEHFS 2024

The 4th International Iranian Ergonomics Congress and The 5th Biennial Iranian Congress on Ergonomics

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Iran Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering Association is planning to organize the fifth biennial conference on ergonomics hosted by Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. This event provides a great opportunity to develop, develop and exchange the latest research and technological findings for professors, students, researchers, industrialists and those interested in this field.

The secretariat of the conference invites all professors, scholars, thinkers and interested parties to participate enthusiastically in the conference and present articles related to the conferences. The submitted articles will be reviewed by the scientific committee and after approval, they will be presented in two formats: lecture or poster. In another part of the conference, idea rooms will be held for the industry and university. Also, on the sidelines of the conference, practical workshops will be held with the presence of prominent professors. Holding specialized exhibitions on the sidelines of the conference is one of the other programs of this scientific event.

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